Variable Speed AC Fan for DIY Stir Plate or Kegerator Circulation

img_img_7320Fan with included AC Wiring and Variable Speed Control.

I picked this cooling fan up primarily to put together a Stir Plate design that works with it.  I chose this model because… 1. It’s a good size (4.7″ square), 2. Is already wired for AC and, 3. Includes a variable speed function.

Note: Since this article was published the appearance of this fan has changed.  Still similar specs, but a difference appearance.  Check the product page for current specifications, price and availability.

AC Infinity AI-120SCX Speed Control Fan Kit for Cabinet Cooling, Single 120mm

DIY Homebrew Yeast Stir PlateFront of the Fan

DIY Homebrew Yeast Stir PlateBack of the fan.  This side actually rotates.  If you were looking to put together a stir plate, this is the side you’d put the magnet on.

DIY Homebrew Yeast Stir PlateHere’s where the AC wire plugs in.

DIY Homebrew Yeast Stir PlateThis shows the AC wire plugged in.

DIY Homebrew Yeast Stir PlateThe specs say this is 4.7″ square.  From side to side, I get 4 11/16″.  As you’ll see it’s large enough to hold a 5 Liter Erlenmeyer.

DIY Homebrew Yeast Stir PlateI’d call this just a hair under 1″ thick

DIY Homebrew Yeast Stir PlateFor size reference, with a 2L Erlenmeyer in the background.

DIY Homebrew Yeast Stir PlateWith a 2L Erlenmeyer on Top.

DIY Homebrew Yeast Stir PlateThis thing is all but begging to become a stir plate.  I put four of these rubber bumpers in the four corners (to hold the erlenmeyer in place and give it a little bit of clearance) and then put four magnets in the center.  Those just stuck on there with magnetic force and they ended up deciding to stack themselves two high.  It’s kind of hard to tell with this photo, but this is a 5L Erlenmeyer Flask with 2L of water with a vortex using that setup.  I’m not suggesting this as a final design.  I’m only that this fan is a great candidate for conversion.

DIY Homebrew Yeast Stir PlateThis photo shows the magnet/rubber bumper setup

I use a similar fan for recirculating air in my kegerator.  See: Kegerator Beer Line Temperatures & Reducing Foam with a Recirculating Fan

AC Infinity AI-120SCX Speed Control Fan Kit for Cabinet Cooling, Single 120mm

SEOH 2L Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flask with Heavy Duty Rim 1/pk

Erlenmeyer Flask (5000 ml) Y450

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