Kegland NUKATAP “Stealth Bomber” in Matte Black! + Hands on Review

NukaTap Stainless Steel Beer Faucet - Stealth Bomber

“Stealth Bomber” NukaTap Forward Sealing Faucet in matte black from MoreBeer

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  • Reduced first pour foam due to low thermal mass
  • Forward-sealing design prevents beer residue from gumming up the faucet
  • Unique shuttle design greatly improves laminar flow, improving the pour of carbonated beverages
  • Compatible with all Intertap faucet accessories and shanks

First Pour Foam Reduction
Every kegerator owner knows the letdown of pouring your first pint of the day and getting too much foam. Even with perfectly balanced draft lines, first pour foam is sometimes unavoidable simply due to the temperature of the faucet itself. Running beer through the faucet will drop the temperature, and the foaming will subside, but not without a bit of wasted beer from pouring off excess head. The NukaTap Stealth Bomber beer faucet drops to beer serving temperature much faster thanks to its lower thermal mass. Simply put, the bulkier the faucet is, the more beer is needed to flow through and chill the tap. The NukaTap is over 20% lighter than its Intertap predecessor, and even lighter still compared to other brands of faucets.

Improved Laminar Flow
The inspiration for the NukaTap name comes from its uniquely designed “nuke-shaped” shuttle that resides on the inside of the faucet. The NukaShuttle went through numerous rounds of redesigns and countless hours of testing to find a shape that provides superior laminar flow. This means that liquid passes by the shuttle with very little resistance, allowing highly carbonated beers or hard seltzers to pour like a dream.

Sanitary Design
The NukaShuttle is the world’s first seamless single-piece design. Traditional taps feature an o-ring seated on a stainless steel shuttle, which can cause a couple of issues. After many pours, the stainless shuttle rubbing against the internal body of the faucet will create small fissures that become potential infection sites, and the seated o-ring can be difficult to clean in place, making your draft cleaning and sanitizing process less effective than you realize. The NukaShuttle is an advanced TPV rubber matrix that has been seamlessly formed over a durable PP skeleton. This single-piece design eliminates the pitfalls of older manufacturing methods, making it one of the most sanitary faucets on the market.

Forward Sealing vs. Rear Sealing
From tap rooms to home bars, forward-sealing faucets are the ideal choice for any draft setup. In traditional rear-sealing taps, beer will drain out of the entire faucet when it’s in the closed position. This means the internal mechanism is coated in beer, which then dries and becomes a sticky residue. Forward-sealing faucets, on the other hand, keep the tap full of beer so it never has a chance to dry and gunk up the internal parts. This makes the faucet much easier to clean and also reduces the chance of off flavors transferring to your beer while you pour.

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Shuttle made from TPV
  • O-rings made from EPDM
  • Matte black finish
  • Kegland Part Number: KL17978



  • This is Kegland’s much anticipated follow up to their wildly popular Intertap faucet.
  • It features… “improved laminar flow and reduced first pour foam due to its lower thermal mass. The NUKATAP is compatible with all Intertap spout accessories”
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  • Shipping is free with a qualifying $59 order to many US addresses.
  • Easy Filler Item….  If you’re looking for a filler item to help you qualify for free shipping, consider grabbing some PBW

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2 thoughts on “Kegland NUKATAP “Stealth Bomber” in Matte Black! + Hands on Review

  1. Joseph Cole

    Are there any options for a matte black collar so you don’t have black then stainless attaching to the shank?

    Only thing keeping me from buying!

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Joseph! Black Collars are easy to find, but the shank itself is usually chrome or stainless. I think you’ve just thought of a great new product! You could pain it. I would probably look at something like an enamel, otherwise, it’s going to get bunged up the second you tighten it.


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