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15.5 Gallon Keggle with Welded Port – $99.99


15.5 Gallon/Half Barrel Brew Kettle.  12″ diameter opening and full 1/2″ female coupling.  Optional add-ons include lid, ball valve (choose from brass or stainless) and a pickup tube.

Adventures in Homebrewing has this on sale for $99.99.  That’s a $70 savings.

Used 15.5 Keggle with Coupling$169.99 $99.99

AMCYL Kettles and Sale – from $85 + Flat Rate Shipping


Home Brew Supply has 8,10  and 15 gallon AMCYL Stainless Steel Kettles on sale.  No promo code is necessary, the discount should be reflected on the site if it’s still going.

AMCYL Kettles.. are made of 18 gauge 304 brushed stainless steel.  Include a 3 piece ball valve, tri-clad bottom, lid and silicone handles.  The inside has easy to read volume markings.  A top port is ready for a thermometer upgrade when you’re ready (available on the product page if you’re ready now).  These kettles are also induction capable.

This stacks with Home Brew Supply’s $7.99 Flat Shipping

AMCYL 8 Gallon Brew Kettle$89.95 $84.95

AMCYL 10 Gallon Brew Kettle$179.95 $159.95

AMCYL 15 Gallon Brew Kettle$249.95 $199.95

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SS Brewing Technologies on Sale and In Stock


Keg Outlet has SS Brewing Technologies complete line of kettles in stock and on sale.  Sizes include 10, 15, 20 and 30 gallon kettles.  Prices start at $199.95.  No coupon is required, discounts should be reflect on each product page if this is still going on.

More about SS Brew Tech Kettles

from Keg Outlet…

What really sets this boil kettle apart from the rest is the first ever integrated trub dam and pick-up tube assembly that we’ve designed into the back of the 304 Ss 1/2″ ball valve (3pc). We thought it would be cool to help brewers pull off a more efficient whirlpool before transferring their wort out to their fermenter. And with a few beers and a little stroke of hopped up genius (pun intended!) we came up with what will go down in home brewing history as a pretty clever little solution to what is a pretty important part of the brewing process! Other features include robust triclad bottom, silicone grab handles, internal gallon markings, and strong riveted handles.

  • Dimensions: 16.5″H x 13.8″W
  • First ever integrated trub dam / pick-up tube / ball valve assembly!
  • Transfer out clearer wort!
  • Triclad bottom for even heat distribution
  • Silicone handles for safe handling
  • Internal gallon markings – no sight glass!
  • High grade 3 pc 1/2″ ball valve
  • Weldless fittings
  • Robust riveted handles for safety
  • Certified 304 Ss construction
  • Thermometer not included with kettle


SS Brewing Technologies Kettles at Keg Outlet

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11 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle, Basket and Lid

44 Quart, 11 gallon stainless kettle, lid and basket from Bayou Classic made from surgical grade 304 SS.  Heavy duty handles.  Strong perforated basket.  There is an indentation in the bottom of the kettle designed to keep the basket from sitting on the bottom.  This setup should be helpful for Brew in a Bag/BIAB brewers.


Bayou Classic 1144 44-Quart Stainless-Steel Stockpot with Basket

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Anvil 10 Gallon Kettle – Back In Stock & On Sale + Hands on Review

Anvil Brewing Equipment

The Anvil line of products, is a premier line ofanvil-brewing-equipment-palmer-approved-sm brewing equipment, designed and built by the geniuses at Blichmann Engineering, with help and inspiration from John Palmer! The entire suite of products work in unison to provide a perfect brewing experience from day one, and at a great value to you the homebrewer. You can rest comfortably knowing that Anvil equipment is backed by two of the biggest names in the homebrew industry. Anvil Brewing Equipment: Inspired by Palmer, Built by Blichmann, and Made for You!

The lineup includes kettles, propane burners, false bottoms, scales, thermometers and more.

All sizes of Anvil Kettles are on sale at Great Fermentations.  The 10 gallon size has been out of stock for a while but is available again.  These are great kettles.  Check out my Hands on Review

Check out the full lineup – Anvil Brewing Equipment

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Blichmann Engineering Sale – Kettles, Conicals and Brew Systems – Ends Soon


It’s rare that you’ll hear the words “Blichmann” and “Sale” uttered in the same sentence.  Up until recently the only time this happened was typically… by mistake.  Blichmann has a sale going on in their Fermenator Conicals, BoilerMaker Brew Kettles and BrewEasy Brew Systems.

This sale has been going on for some time now.  The first time I was aware was toward the beginning of October of last year.  After being introduced it was expanded.  It was originally supposed to expire at the end of December and was extended.  Well… it’s that time again.  This sale is set to end soon.

Sale prices are available at Great Fermentations, Adventures in Homebrewing, Beer & Wine Hobby (kettles only) and MoreBeer.

Adventures in Homebrewing [Fermenator Conicals, BoilerMaker Kettles [Review] and BrewEasy Brew Systems] offers free shipping on many of these items and the equivalent of 5% back through their rewards program.  You’ll get the equivalent of 5% back to use toward a future purchase.

Fermenator Conicals, BoilerMaker Kettles [Review] and BrewEasy – On Sale + Free Shipping + 5% Rewards

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5 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle – $19.99


5 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle and Lid.  18/8 SS.  Measures approximately 10″ tall and 11.5″ in diameter.  Consider for extract batch or small batch brews.  Adventures in Homebrewing has this marked down to just $19.99.  Related: AIH Sale Items

5 Gallon Stainless Steel Brew Pot$35 $19.99

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