15.5 Gallon Keggle with TWO Welded Ports… $65.93!!

15.5 Gallon/Half Barrel Brew Kettle Converted Keg from Adventures in Homebrewing

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Homebrew Kettle With Two Welds – 15.5 Gallons

With 2 – 1/2″ Couplings – Welded Over and Under Eachother.

These are brand new half barrels with the top removed and full 1/2″ female couplers in each weld. The weld are placed directly over one another. These are over/under welds.

You have the option to add a third weld to this kettle. Custom welds can take up to 1-2 weeks processing time before shipping.


12″ diameter opening and full 1/2″ female coupling.  Optional add-ons include lid, ball valve (choose from brass or stainless) and a pickup tube.

The full 1/2″ welded coupling means no messing around with weldless kits. “Full” means it’s threaded on the inside and out

These are on closeout for just $65.93. That’s 70% Off list.

Homebrew Kettle With Two 1/2″ Couplings Over/Under – 15.5 Gallons

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