Almost Gone… 15.5 Gallon Keggle with TWO Welded Ports – $109.95, OVER 50% Off Closeout

Homebrew Kettle With Two Horizontal 1/2" Couplings - 15.5 Gallons

Homebrew Kettle With Two Horizontal 1/2″ Couplings – 15.5 Gallons

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Inline Half Barrel Brew Kettle With Two Welded 1/2″ Couplings.
These are brand new half barrels that we’ve had the top removed and 2 full 1/2″ female couplings welded next to each other. This allows you to put your kettles as close as you want to each other and still be able to read the Thermometer.
It is highly recommended that you use a heat shield with this type of kettle to protect your thermometer.
Choose from optional stainless steel and brass ball valve and pickup tube accessories.


12″ diameter opening and full 1/2″ female coupling.  Optional add-ons include lid, ball valve (choose from brass or stainless) and a pickup tube.

The full 1/2″ welded coupling means no messing around with weldless kits. “Full” means it’s threaded on the inside and out

These are on closeout for just $109.95. That’s MORE THAN HALF OFF list.

Homebrew Kettle With Two Horizontal 1/2″ Couplings – 15.5 Gallons sale

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