Brewing Beer: Problems – Troubleshooting Your Homebrew, Kindle Edition – $3.97


Beer Beer Brewing: Problems by Dave “Homebrew” Hendricks for Kindle

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Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Homebrewing Questions!

Do you want to stop stressing out over your home brew? Do you want to stop worrying if you’ve ruined your beer, and whether you’ll have to throw out this batch? Do you want to have more FUN and fewer hassles when you brew at home? Do you want to modestly bask in the praise of family and friends, as they sample your latest batch?

“Brewing Beer: Problems” will give you the know-how you need to do all of that.

>> At some time or another every homebrewing hobbyist will be faced with a batch of beer that doesn’t live up to his expectations. This troubleshooting manual allows the homebrewer to figure out what went wrong and prevent future beer making problems before they happen.
>> This is a companion volume to “Homebrew” Hendricks’ hit book about the basics of how to brew beer, “BREWING BEER”. In it, the top homebrewing problems and most frequently asked questions of beer brewing newbies and old hands alike, have been gathered and answered in one easy to understand, simple guide.
>> Don’t forget to check out the third volume in this series: “BREWING BEER: TIPS – 300 Helpful Homebrew Tips, Tricks & Secrets”, a collection of advice from experienced brewers, that will make your life much easier.

In “Brewing Beer: Problems” you’ll discover the remedies for many homebrewing headaches, such as:

* How to avoid fermentation frustration, when it stalls prematurely or simply refuses to start at all.
* How to kick-start fermentation, and not be fooled into bottling too early and risking off flavors and bottle bombs.
* How to recognize 19 of the funkiest tastes and smells that might afflict your beer – what causes them, how to fix them this time and how to prevent them from happening again.
* How to be SAFE when beer brewing. – Set your mind to rest on 7 crucial safety issues of brewing beer at home, like whether or not homebrew can blind or even kill you!
* How to troubleshoot a persistent infection that simply won’t go away.
* How to guarantee a great head on your beer.
* How to brew beer at home without landing in jail.

>> An extensive list of puzzling, alphabet soup, home brewing acronyms and their definitions
>> A labeled photo of a typical Deluxe Beer Making Equipment Kit

Let me tell you, nothing beats the feeling of blowing the foam off that first glass of your latest batch, tasting it and realizing, “Damn, that’s good!” Unless it’s sitting back and watching your buddies’ eyes light up with amazement, “You! Made THIS?!”

Here’s to no more beer brewing problems. Because home brewing should be “so easy a caveman could do it”. Most of all, I want you to “Relax, Don’t Worry, Have A Home Brew!”

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