Kegland Digital Gauges Are Coming… Backwards Compatible w/Inline Regulator & BlowTie

Kegland Digital Gauge to fit Spunding Valve and Secondary Pressure Regulator

Kegland’s DuoTight system along with their EVABarrier Tubing are amazing. Check out my extensive hands on review for a deep dive into the system.

This is a heads up that Kegland has released a digital regulator option that works with their great inline regulator and BlowTie Spunding Valve.

It appears as though though Kegland will offer both complete digital inline regulators and spunding valves and a regulator only option that will retrofit analog units.

These are not readily available in the US. Connect with HBF and we’ll let you know as soon as they’re available at a US retailer.

Kegland DuoTight Inline Secondary CO2 Regulator with Gauge

Kegland BlowTie v2

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