First Looks: Kegland DuoTight Ball Lock QDs! + My DuoTight Hands on Review

Kegland’s DuoTight Fittings are designed to work with EVABarrier Double Wall Tubing.  They offer quick, reliable connections, easy implementation, a variety of fitting options and feature amazing versatility.  They’re also, generally speaking, very well priced.  DuoTights are push to connect fittings and require no tubing clamps.

DuoTights are… awesome.  Check out my extensive Hands on Review

Kegland has introduced native Ball Lock Keg Disconnects. There is a current solution. Add a DuoTight Flare fitting to a compatible MFL QD. Having said that, these look awesome and it will be great to have a native DuoTight option.

These have been introduced overseas and I’m guessing they’ll make their way to the US in the near future.

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MoreBeer has just listed both gas and liquid DuoTight Ball Lock QDs.

As of this posting, they’re not limiting quantities.

William’s Brewing

Update: Wiliam’s is now limiting purchases. As of this update they are allowing up to 15 of each. That’s a generous limit and should suffice for most people, but this is an indication to me that demand is very high. Hopefully this isn’t an indication of a quick or quick-ish sellout.

eBay Sources

These are all international sources, that as of this update, ship to US addresses.

First Looks!  Kegland DuoTight Ball Lock QDs

I sourced one pair via on overseas seller so I could get my hands on this as quickly as possible. I have more on the way to equip my kegerator.  Here’s a quick first look. Stay tuned for an in depth review after I’ve had a chance to use these for a while.

Liquid QD on left, Gas QD on right Closer look at Kegland DuoTight Gas QD Closer look at Kegland DuoTight Liquid QDDisassembled. These consist of four main parts. What I’ll call the body, cap, poppet and spring. There is no o-ring and the design is… tool-less. Caps come off by hand. A look inside A look at the cap. Notice there’s no o-ring. The cap screws on and off without the need for tools. My caps were a little tight. I’m guessing you’ll want to keep this caps tightly screwed on. The pressure exerted on the threads must be what causes and airtight seal. Kegland DuoTight Ball Lock QD compared with standard Ball Lock QD. One of the innovcations of these QDs is their small size. The reduced sized is designed to allow compatible kegs to stack with QDs on! Top down view, comparted to standard QD See how this QD cap is marred from opening and closing using a screw driver. I’m sure there’s a tool for doing this that won’t mar the top, but I don’t have it. Kegland’s new tool-less design means no marred caps. With EVABarrier Tubing Installed Top down view Like every other DuoTight fitting I’ve tested, these are compatible with Valuebrew’s DuoTight Compatible Locking Clips. Those are a great addition to any DuoTight setup.  These snap into the collar of DuoTight Fittings and lock connections in place. This makes the connection more secure and reduces the chances of leakage.

Initial Thoughts

I’ve been aware these were on the way for months. I’m excited to finally get a look at them. I have more work and testing to do to make this a complete review, by my initial thoughts are that these are classic Kegland. Super well thought out, good build quality and great price. Although standard QDs can be converted to DuoTight, it’s great to have a DuoTight native option.

My DuoTight Review!

I Recommend These!

A Note On Sizing

These are available in both 8mm and 6.35mm sizes. You need to match the size of your EVABarrier tubing.

Kegland Ball Lock QD Photos & Benefits

Specs from Kegland

The humble plastic ball lock disconnects have been around a long time and are used by thousands of home brewers around the world.  Despite the extensive use they have seen little to no innovation for decades and KegLand wanted to change this.  As a result we have come out with the new duotight ball lock disconnect.

Some of the features include:

  1. duotight push in
    These duotight ball lock disconnects already have the duotight fitting built into the ball lock disconnect. No need for additional threaded fittings. Simply push the beer/gas line in and you are done!
  2. Compact
    The worlds most compact ball lock disconnect every manufactured. This new compact form factor is great for tight spaces or fridges where you want to pack as many kegs in as possible. This is the only ball lock disconnect that allows standard ball lock kegs to be double stacked while still connected to beer and gas lines.
  3. Overmoulded Poppet
    The overmoulded poppet design means you can couple and disconnect this ball lock disconnect under extreme pressures of 150psi and will never have issues with the o-ring blowing out.
  4. Tool-less Disassembly
    Other ball lock disconnects require a tool such as a flat head screw driver or spanner to take them apart for cleaning. The new caps on these allow for easy disassembly by hand, making these easier to break down for cleaning. It’s literally never been easier to remove hop particles from your ball lock disconnects.
  5. Extreme Chemical Resistance
    No cheap ABS plastic or nitrile seals. This ball lock disconnect is made from stainless spring and ball bearings, with an engineering polykeytone resin body, EPDM and PP/EPDM overmoulded poppet.  This makes this ball lock disconnect resistant to extreme chemicals such as phosphoric and acetic acid, caustic soda, peroxide and many other acid or base chemicals which are commonly used in homebrewing.
  6. Toughness
    This ball lock disconnect is more robust than any other plastic ball lock disconnect ever manufactured due to the use of new engineering plastics. Don’t be fooled by the small form factor – these bad boys are tough!
  7. High Flow
    The internal design of these allows for faster flow meaning you can slightly quicker transfers when compared to other plastic ball lock disconnects.

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  1. Joe D

    Just ordered 3 of each. Have slowly switched my system over to Duotight. First with beer lines, then gas lines, then the DuoTight gas manifold with individual regulators per line, and these will complete the system.


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