Hands on Review: Maple Landmark Solid Red Oak Tap Handle – Made in Vermont

Here’s a hands on look at Maple Landmark’s Solid Red Oak Tap Handle – sourced via Amazon

In the package
Other side includes the description and ASIN numberThe packaging includes a nice little thank you note.  You’re welcome Maple Landmark, from Middlebury, VT… you’re welcome.Here’s the tap handle.  It’s a beautiful looking piece of wood.  These would be great if you were looking for a blank canvas for your own custom tap handle.  The beautiful wood grain also stands well by itself.The only marking on mine was a stamp on the topAnother look at the grainA look at the faucet threadsInstalled on my Kegland Kegerator [Hands on Review]Installed on an Intertap Faucet [Hands on Review] on my DIY chest freezer based Keezer/KegeratorA different angleClose up installed on an Intertap faucet


This is basic tap handle, that’s beautiful in it’s simplicity.  It looks great as is and could make a good canvas if you’re looking to design your own tap handles.  I got this for under $10 and consider it a bargain, especially considering the fact that it’s made in the USA.

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • Hardwood Red Oak is great for making your own unique tap handle
  • The bottom has a threaded insert that fits onto all standard bar taps
  • The wood grain pattern will vary due to the natural properties of wood
  • The tap handle measures 5″ high, 15/16″ thick, and 1.5″ wide
  • Made in Middlebury, Vermont, USA

Straight 5″ Solid Red Oak Tap Handle

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