Announcing: New Economy In-line Secondary CO2 Regulator at love2brew

inline regulator

Love2brew has released a new economy inline CO2 regulator

About, from love2brew… “Our Single Gauge In-Line Secondary Regulator is an ideal way to split your gas lines and regulate your beers at different pressures and/or a cheap starter regulator for those of us brewing on a budget. A single, easy to read, gauge adjusts from 0 – 100 PSI giving you all of the options you could want for beer, cider, wine, mead, or soda! Comes with two (2) 5/16″ barbs that will work with our 5/16″ Beverage Tubing (RCK013B). Splitting your gas line would require a Wye (FIT001A) and some Check Valves (GAS003B).”

Notes from HBF: You still need a primary regulator attached to your CO2 tank.  The idea is, you set the primary to the highest pressure you will use (without exceeding specifications of any component of your system) and then use these regulators inline (one per line) to fine tune pressure and carbonation [See: Balancing Your Draft System].  As an example, you could set your primary to 25 PSI for faster force carbonation and set each line to a different pressure based on desired carbonation level.

As of this posting, this is selling for $29.99.  Shipping to most US addresses is free with a $75 order.  Check l2b for up to the minute price and availability.

Inline Secondary Regulator at love2brew

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Yeast: love2brew carries a couple lines of hard to find lines of yeast: East Coast Yeast and The Yeast Bay – If you’re looking to qualify for free shipping or just grab some hard to get yeast, consider adding to your order.

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