Hands On: OntarioBeerKeg’s Growler Filler – $11.99 Shipped

The OntarioBeerKegs growler filler is designed to work with Perlick 525 series faucets.  I’ve also heard that these will work with 575 series faucets, but I’d double check with the seller first on that.

The filler itself is made from stainless steel and looks and feels well built.

This is OntarioBeerKeg’s own design.  You can see OBK labeled right on the filler.  Also notice the double gasket design.

This fits easily on my faucets and came off easily.  

Having never used one of these before, one of my concerns was leaking between the faucet and the filler.  I tested this for leaks by putting the filler on one of my faucets and plugging the tubing by pressing on the end of it with my thumb and then opening the faucet.  Good news and bad news.

Good news: no drips or leaks at all from the filler.  It works great!

Bad news: I was left with a pressurized piece of tubing partially filled with beer.  Not great planning.  Fortunately I was able to direct this into my drip tray.

Bottom line… This is a straightforward and simple tool that is well built and does the job it was intended to do.

via Ebay.  The seller is OntarioBeerKegs, based in Ontario, Canada.  OntarioBeerKegs has a 100% positive rating and shipping is free to the US.

Growler Filler for Perlick 525SS Faucets – $11.99 Shipped

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3 thoughts on “Hands On: OntarioBeerKeg’s Growler Filler – $11.99 Shipped

  1. Corona

    I haven’t been able to find a definitive answer, but does anyone know if this will fit the Perlick 545 flow control faucet? Are the 545 and 525 similar in size and shape?

  2. Anonymous

    How long will the growler hold pressure after filling it this way? Sounds like a great way for me to bring my beer to friend’s houses. Also, would this not work for filling up 12 oz bottles?


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