Back in Stock: Reconditioned 5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs – $64.99 Shipped + 12 Deals of Christmas

used 5 gallon ball lock

Reconditioned 5 gallon ball lock keg with rubber tops and buttons.  Washed and rinsed inside and out.  No soda syrup or residue is left behind.  These are also pressure tested and guaranteed to hold pressure.

These have been out of stock for a while.  As of this posting, they are available again.  Check the product page for up to the minute cost and availability.

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Cornelius Keg – Pressure Tested w/o Gaskets Replaced (Ball Lock) KEG423 – $64.99 + Free Shipping

These already ship for free as part of MoreBeer’s Free Shipping Promo.  Grab your next recipe kit – See: BrewMaster Series [See: Brewing Pliny], some gear, something that’s on sale or clearance to maximize free shipping.

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Citra – $18.99/lb – Stacks with Brew More, Save More Sale


1 lb Citra Pellet Hops.    About: Citra HBC 394 features higher alpha acids and total oil contents with a low percentage of co-humulone. Comprised of Hallertau Mittelfrüh, US Tettnang, Brewer’s Gold and East Kent Golding.  Aroma: grapefruit, melon, lime, gooseberry, passionfruit and lychee.

As of this posting, Adventures in Homebrewing has marked their 1 lb Citra Hop Pellet offering down to just $16.99.  This is a great deal for Citra.  Check the product page for up to the minute pricing and availability.  This stacks with AIH’s short Brew More Save More Sale

Citra Hop Pellets 1 lb || Brew More Save More – up to $50 Off

Limited Availability: Journeyman Used Whiskey Barrels – Rye, Bourbon & Wheated Whiskey


I received a tip that a very limited number of Silver Cross Distillery 15 gallon used whiskey barrels are available at Great Fermentations.  As of this posting, Rye Whiskey, Bourbon and Wheated Whiskey Barrels are available.  Check the barrel page at GF to see if these are still around.  Journeyman Distillery Used Whiskey Barrels

More Info

Silver Cross Whiskey from Journeyman is a black label whiskey that symbolizes friendship, camaraderie, and spirited competition…as well as great taste! A blend of equal parts rye, wheat, corn and barley, Silver Cross is an exceptional medley of truly unique flavors, with exquisite mouth feel and body. These characteristics can be lent to anything you choose to put in this barrel, from porters and stouts to hard ciders! Let your imagination run wild with this unique whiskey barrel from Journeyman Distillery.

About Journeyman Distillery

Great Fermentations is proud to bring you a line of barrels from Journeyman Distillery. Used in the production of fine, high quality spirits, these barrels have been made available to us, and we are offering them to you! Journeyman Distillery is located just up the road in Three Oaks, Michigan. Known for their line of whiskeys, Journeyman also offers a range of unique and specialty spirits. Their barrels can add a depth of character and flavor to your home brewed beverages when used as part of the aging process!



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15% Off Pickup Tubes, Ball Valves, Camlocks, Fittings and Lots More


PFD has a great variety of homebrew related gear including stainless steel Camlock disconnects, threaded fittings (t’s, elbows and connectors of every sort), Stainless QDs, ball valves, tri-clamp fittings, burners, wort chillers, thermowells, site glasses, silicone tubing, pumps, stainless pickup tubes, stainless false bottoms, Blichmann Style QDs and more.

For a limited time, promo code HF15 takes 15% off the entire homebrew category.

Homebrew Lineup – use coupon code HF15 to get 15% off

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Brew More, Save More – up to $50 off @ AIH! – Bundles with Sale Items


For a limited time, Adventures in Homebrewing is offering up to $50 off your purchase, depending on your order total.  No coupon code is required, the discounted amount should be automatically be reflected in your cart before checkout.  Nearly everything qualifies including existing sale items, although their are a few exceptions.  See terms and conditions.

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Some picks: Brand New 2.5 Gallon Kegs || Chugger Pumps || Perlick 630SS Faucets || Kegging Systems || Pumpkin Ale Recipe Kits|| Brew Pots || 220k BTU Burner || 10 Gallon Mash Tun/HLT All Grain System || Beer Kits that Ship for Free || Wine Kits that Ship for Free

12 Deals of Christmas Sale – 15% Off Craft Meister Products


MoreBeer’s 12 Deals of Christmas Sale is going on now.  Day 5’s discount takes 15% off a selection of Craft Meister cleaning products including – growler tabs, BLC, BTF, Oxygen Brewery Wash and more.

Shipping is free with a $59 order and since MoreBeer’s cart accepts multiple promo codes you can get in on this and their Deal of the Day (while supplies last).

12 Deals of Christmas

What’s going on at MoreBeer Today?  Today’s Deal of the Day | Sale Items

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6 Way CO2 Manifold – $55.99 Shipped – Bundles with 12 Deals of Christmas


This manifold allows you to split a single tank into multiple runs and control each with an independent ball valve.  Each ball valve also contains a check valve that stops one beer from backflowing into another line.  Pressure changes can cause this to happen with a simple T-type system.  This manifold prevents the issue.  This system can also expand as needed by adding an additional outlet.

Check out my Hands on Review of this great system

Since MoreBeer’s cart accepts multiple promo codes you can get in on the Deal of the Day (while supplies last) and their 12 Deals of Christmas sale.

Product Description – Here. Use coupon code BEERDEAL to get this discount.

Availability: This is a More Beer Deal of the Day. Quantities are limited. Check the Deal of the Day section – Here – to see if this is still available.

Gas Manifold – 6 Way D1815$69.99 $55.99 + Free Shipping

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Also Consider… All Sale and Clearanc53_1449191776e Items

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