Hands On: 1000 Watt Heat Stick with Temp Trial

Here’s a hands on look Allied Precision’s 1000 Watt Bucket Heater

Font of the Box

Close up Front Left Side

Close up Front Right Side

The Heat Stick

In all, this is about 17″ Long

The shield portion of the heat stick is right around 8″  This is the portion you are supposed to keep submerged in water while the heat stick is plugged in.  The directions say that the unit cycles itself on and off, for safety, if the water level gets below 6″.  Otherwise, the unit is constantly on.

Close up on the handle end of the heat stick.

Top down view

Installed and working in my Blichmann BoilerMaker Kettle.  Getting ready to brew More Beer’s Citra Pale Ale.

Temperature Trial…

To test this out, I put 5 gallons of cold side tap water into a 6 gallon-ish kettle.

I used my ThermoWorks ChefAlarm Thermometer and Timer (First Looks Post) to track progress.  This thermometer tracks both min and max temps, has a built in timer and has an available waterproof probe.  I also used the alarm feature to let me alert me to notable progress points.  My tap water came in at 66.9 degrees F.

The probe wire going into the kettle

The water hit 80.9 deg F (+14 deg F) in right about 10 minutes.  Average increase: 1.4 deg F per Minute.

The water hit 100.5 deg F (+33.6 deg F) in 22 minutes.  Average increase: 1.53 deg F per Minute.

The water hit 160.5 deg F (+93.6 deg F) in about 1 hour and 10 minutes.  This is notable because, depending on your beer and mash profile, we’re getting close to strike water temperature.  Average increase: 1.33 deg F per Minute.

 The water hit 200.1 deg F (+130.2 deg F) in about 2 hours and 13 minutes.  Average increase: .98 deg F per Minute.

I use this to get a head start on my strike water and mash water.  I can have this setup and have someone else at home plug it in.  I recently brewed More Beer’s Citra Pale Ale.  This heat stick was plugged in about an hour and a half before I knew I would be home.  When I got home my strike water nearly ready to go.  I was mashing in within 10 minutes of arriving home.  That saves propane and it saves time.  After starting the mash I also use this to heat up sparge water.  Sixty minutes isn’t enough time to get there, but it gets me close and I can finish it off with my propane burner.  Similar advantages are available for extract batches.

This saves me time and propane.  It also helps me out in cold weather brewing, because I can leave my garage door closed longer.  Using this, I don’t need to fire up my propane burner until just before sparging.

Safety Caveats Apply:  This is an electrical device that’s being immersed in water.  It does have safety features (a guard and power cycling).  Always read and follow manufacturers instructions.

Allied Precision The Premier Line 742G Bucket Water Heater

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The ports are also full ports, meaning the are accessible and threaded on both the inside and the outside of the kettle.  For the bottom port, that means you can install both a ball valve (on the outside) and a pickup tube or bazooka screen (on the inside).  Most people probably use the top port for a thermometer.

You can also get the kettle know with an eye to upgrading to in the future.  Just get a 1/2″ NPT plug (along with some teflon tape) to seal these off.

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Airtight, made of FDA compliant material, casters (on the larger container) allow you to easily move it around.  Clear sides so you know what’s in it.  Large easy access top.

Check them out over at sellout.woot

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Pinned: 20% Off Chillers and Burners · Bags of Grain · Pin Lock Kegs · Univ Poppets

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