Start Kegging! Ball Lock Kegging Kit… $65.95

ball lock keg kit

This setup from gets you…

  • Ball lock connector set which includes (1) gas connector and (1) liquid connector.
  • Each of a 3′ gas and 5′ liquid piece of 1/4″ i.d. clear tubing.
  • (4) Stainless steel clamps to secure the tubing.
  • Picnic Faucet to dispense your favorite homebrew.
  • Pepsi 5 gallon Cornelius keg.

This combo is selling for just $65.95. You’ll need a CO2 tank and regulator.  A CO2 tank is great to purchase locally anyway. You’ll save shipping charges and odds are good you’ll need to swap it out immediately anyway. It doesn’t make any sense (at least to me) to buy a shiny new CO2 tank, pay to have it shipped, only to swap it out for a used one anyway.


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