KegLand MKII Brewing Pump w/Stainless Steel Head! – Available Again for Pre-Order + SAVE 20%

KegLand MKII Magnetic Drive Pump | Inline Pump Head | Stainless Steel | 5 GPM | 25 Watt PMP504

KegLand MKII Magnetic Drive Pump | Inline Pump Head | Stainless Steel | 5 GPM | 25 Watt

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • Magnetic drive enables you to slow down the flow without damaging the pump—just add a ball valve to the outlet!
  • T.C. connection allows the pump head to be oriented at any angle in a full 360-degrees
  • Pull ring PRV at the pump outlet makes it easy to purge air and prime the pump before each use
  • Inline flow path for smooth integration into your brewery while keeping your tubing lines tidy
  • Stainless steel head with 1/2″ threaded ports to attach your preferred fittings—tri-clamp, quick disconnect, camlock, and More!

The best-selling MKII Magnetic Drive Pump now available with a major upgrade! This unit comes standard with an inline stainless steel pump head that installs on the pump body with a 3″ tri-clamp. Compared to the standard “center inlet” pump head, the “inline” flow path can make it much easier to integrate into your brewery and keep your brewing hoses tidy. At the outlet of the pump, there is a very handy pull ring PRV that allows you to bleed liquor or wort from the pump head to release trapped air and prime the pump. And with the 3″ T.C. connection, not only do you have a full 360-degrees to orient the pump head any which way, cleaning the pump after use could not be easier—just pop off the tri-clamp, wash out the pump head, and clamp back on.

The MKII is a perfect pump for your system and comes highly recommended for brewers stepping up to all-grain brewing. Rather than schlepping heavy kettles filled with hot liquor or wort around your brewery, or awkwardly stacking them into a 3-tier gravity setup, allow this handy pump to move liquid from vessel to vessel while everything remains in place. The magnetic drive allows you to slow down the flow without damaging the pump. This can be done by attaching a ball valve to the outlet side of the pump, and then you simply open or close the valve to control the flow rate. The pump itself is not self-priming, but priming is super easy thanks to the pull ring PRV which will help ensure the pump head is full of liquid and trapped air is released before powering it on.

Tri-Clamp Pump Head
The T.C. pump head can be removed quickly and easily using the 3″ tri-clamp. This means no drivers or power drills are needed to back out the six Phillips head screws that mount the pump head on the standard version of the MKII. Whip the head off in a flash to clear out spent grain, hop material, or clear a blockage. Attaching the pump head with a tri-clamp also allows the head to be rotated at any angle in a full 360-degrees. This makes it easy to configure the plumbing to your unique brewery setup.

Inline Design
An “inline” pump head simply means the input and output are on a straight horizontal line with one another which can make it easier to integrate into your brewery setup. If you’re using a 3-vessel horizontal system, the inline pump head will make it easier to keep your hoses neat and tidy compared to pumps heads with a center inlet.

PRV Purge Valve
The corny keg style PRV will make priming the pump a breeze. Simply let bleed the pump head to purge air out before turning the pump on and you’ll avoid any cavitation issues. The PRV also acts as a safety so you do not over pressurize your pump head or brewery system.

304 Stainless Steel
The entire pump head is made from 304 grade stainless steel so it’s highly resistant to chemicals, heat, and physical abuse. The 1/2″ BSP threaded ports can be used to attach barbs, quick disconnects, camlocks, tri-clamp adapters, or any other 1/2″ fittings you prefer.


  • 110V / 60hz
  • Max Head: 11.15 ft. (3.4 m)
  • Max Flow: 5 Gal/min (19L/min)
    Max Temperature: 248°F (120°C)
  • 360° rotatable stainless steel pump head
  • 1/2″ BSP ports
  • Water resistant casing (not waterproof)
  • KegLand Part Number: KL27236

If you’re brewing on a budget and want the most affordable pump possible, check out the standard model MKII pump. This has been our best-selling pump for years and you can always upgrade it down the road with the standard stainless center inlet head or inline stainless tri-clamp head.

  • We recently featured this newer MKII upgrade from Kegland and it sold out quickly.
  • As of this update, it’s back in stock for pre-order
  • Update… It’s back in stock and shipping. Check the product page to see if you can get in on this shipment.
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KegLand MKII Magnetic Drive Pump | Inline Pump Head | Stainless Steel | 5 GPM | 25 Watt PMP504 –  remember promo code TOP5

Also available as an upgrade for MKII Pump Owners – KegLand TC Breakdown Brewing Pump Head | MKII Pump Head Upgrade Kit | Stainless Steel | 3″ Tri-Clamp PMP503

Price, promotions and availability can change quickly. Check the product page for current price, description and availability  ssprd:PMP504:anchor

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