Kickstarter: The GrowlerSaver!

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Check out this Kickstarter project: The GrowlerSaver

What is a Growler Saver?
The Growler Saver is a Patent Pending cap that will ensure a draft-like beer pour out of a growler, even after breaking a growler’s original seal and opening it numerous times. Until I developed this cutting-edge industry-first design, draft beer stored in a growler could not retain its optimum freshness and the brewer’s intended carbonation levels, especially after the growler’s original seal was broken. Now, thanks to the Growler Saver, beer drinkers no longer have to consume an entire growler once they open it for the first time, or otherwise risk their beer tasting old, under carbonated, or full of off-flavors. With the Growler Saver, beer drinkers can open their growlers again and again, with the confidence that the beer inside will taste just as good as it did when it left the tap.

Standard Kickstarter caveats apply.  You are investing in a prospective product that may be in the pre-release stages of development.  Risks are involved as your reward may not be fulfilled.

5 thoughts on “Kickstarter: The GrowlerSaver!

  1. Travis Simpkins

    You can take your average 2 liter soda bottle, add a universal tire valve to the cap & do the same thing. You don’t even need the pressure release valve. You fill the 2 liter with beer leaving a little room left at the top of the bottle. Squeeze the bottle until the beer is at the top of the 2 litter, then cap while the bottle is squeezed. Then you use the c02 to pressurize the bottle. No oxidation because you just filled the headspace with pure c02.

  2. Anonymous

    I will be getting one of these. With over 60 breweries/brew pubs in my area there are a lot of places to get growler fills. The only problem is drinking the whole thing in one day. I find it convenient that I don’t have to drink a whole growler of double ipa in one sitting.

  3. Erik Bansberg

    What about oxidation? Every time you pour you are letting oxygen in. Growlers are made for 24 hour-ish consumption. Is this for average consumers (not likely going to bother as stated above), or beer geeks? Beer geeks know and will probably take care to serve in the proper vessel, such as taking a small keg or bottling enough for the event. I like the innovation, just not sure it’s going to be of any use.

  4. Travis Simpkins

    I like it. I just think the convenience of it is questionable. Is your average consumer willing to go through the trouble to re-carbonate their growler? Purchase the cap, purchase the cartridges, etc. Its a bit of a hassle. But if one finds that it’s worth the hassle to them, why couldn’t they just build their own? I did awhile back. The parts are pretty cheap.


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