Growler Pressure Experiment

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What kind of pressures do growlers typically withstand?  I think that’s a good question.  It seems the answer is that they regularly hold a fair bit of pressure.

Steve, the mastermind behind the GrowlerSaver, recently did some work to help figure that out.

Basic Process:

  1. Made a cap with a pressure gauge.
  2. Had a growler filled at Whole Foods.
  3. Asked the person filling the growler to use the modified pressure gauge cap instead of a standard cap.
  4. The growler was 9 PSI at around 38 degrees F.
  5. As the temperature increased so did the pressure.
  6. By the time the temperature rose to around 55 degrees F, the pressure had climbed to 25+ PSI.

Check out the full write up – Important Update Regarding Growler Pressure

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