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Cornelius Keg "or Firestone", 5 Gallon, Ball Lock - Pepsi Style for Homebrew/Soda, Used

Reconditioned 5 gallon kegs from Keg Connection.

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

These are re-conditioned 5 gallon ball lock soda kegs. They are sometimes called “corny kegs” because of the manufacturer, Cornelius, but they can be made by several manufactures including Firestone, AEB, and others. These kegs have been cleaned and pressure tested using the following process:

  • Rinsed out with water on the inside and sprayed on the outside.
  • Soaked in a hot “Brew Clean” solution for about an hour with poppet valves depressed to fill dip tubes with cleaning solution. Then re-rinsed.
    The keg is then pressurized and soap tested for leaks, then left for several days and re-tested for pressure before shipping.
  • If you keg has a “sweet” smell when you open it this is normal. This smell comes from the residual “Brew Clean” cleaner, NOT from soda. Just rinse the keg and sanitize again before kegging.
  • These kegs ship under our flat rate shipping (some of our competitors exclude kegs from free or reduced flat rate shipping programs).
  • These kegs come with their original O-rings AND a new set of O-rings at no additional charge (some competitors charge up to $3.99 for this new set of O-rings) This O-ring set includes Lid O-ring, two post O-rings and two dip-tube O-rings.


  • These reconditioned kegs are on sale for $59.95.
  • HBF Readers Save More!  HBF5OFF takes an additional 5% off. 
  • That stacks making these RECONDITIONED ball lock kegs $56.95.
  • Shipping is a flat rate no matter how much you purchase site wide to addresses in the contiguous US.
  • Maximize Flat Rate Shipping: Since shipping is flat rate, grab cleaning supplies, sanitizing supplies, kegs, CM Becker brand QDs, keg parts, tubing, tools or something else it will all ship for that same flat rate.

Cornelius Keg “or Firestone”, 5 Gallon, Ball Lock – Pepsi Style for Homebrew/Soda – remember promo code HBF5OFF to get the stacking deal

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

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