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By my count these been out of stock for months. The last time I saw them available was back in around May or June. If history repeats itself, these could sell out quickly. My suggestion is to order sooner rather than later.

Complete Lineup of Kegs at MoreBeer

Used Kegs

Sold Out – We keep a close eye on stock levels for these kegs. Connect with us and we’ll let you know when they’re back.

New Kegs at MoreBeer…

Complete Lineup of Kegs at MoreBeer

New Keg Quick PIck:

This recently released keg is selling for under $100 and includes free shipping to many US addresses. As of this update, I think this is the best generally available new keg deal on the market.

What’s Going On With Keg Prices and Availability?

I have an article on this that explains this in detail and details our situation as it has unfolded. The short answer is… bulk availability of used kegs has become a thing of the past. I could provided you with a lot of reasoning behind that, but one illustration I can give you is that AIH has COMPLETELY REMOVED pages for their used ball lock offerings both singles and four packs. Over the years, these offerings had been some of the most reliable and have often been the best deal around.

$30 kegs are gone. Even if a large cache of used kegs are found in I don’t think we’re going to even come close to the prices we saw 10 years ago. Why would someone sell kegs for $30 or $40 when $80 or $90 is the going rate?

Announcing KOMOS Dual Handle Ball Locks…

Cornelius Keg | Ball Lock Keg | 5 Gallon | Dual Handle | KOMOS®

Cornelius Keg | Ball Lock Keg | 5 Gallon | Dual Handle | KOMOS® from MoreBeer!

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • New ball lock keg—no need to clean out an old, used Coke or Pepsi soda keg
  • Dual rubber handles make it easy to grip, lift, and move the keg when full
  • Rubber base is less likely to damage flooring in your home or kegerator
  • Made from 304 stainless steel, robotically welded
  • NSF approved

Brand new corny-style ball lock keg with molded rubber base and dual-handle tops. The handles are comfortable to grip, making the keg easier to handle when full. The rubber bottom allows for stacking, won’t scuff your floor, and is less likely to damage tile or crack the plastic lining inside your kegerator. High-quality 304 stainless steel construction. These kegs are NSF-approved, robotically welded, and manufactured in an ISO 9001-certified facility.


Ball lock
130 PSI Operating Pressure
5 Gallon (19 L) Capacity
304 Stainless Steel

Height: 25.25 in.
Diameter: 8.75 in.

As of this post they’re back in stock and still at the introductory price of just $99.99.  Considering shipping is also free to many US addresses, this is a bargain.

I’m confident pricing on these will go up as the single handle version is $50 MORE. Single handle kegs are typically cheaper than double handle kegs so I could see this keg going up above $149.99.

I believe it’s the best new keg deal going on right now.

Cornelius Keg | Ball Lock Keg | 5 Gallon | Dual Handle | KOMOS® KEG424

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