Announcing: Kegland Grand Deluxe Commercial Kegerators

Kegland Grand Deluxe Kegerator

Kegland Grand Deluxe Kegerator

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Are you looking for something more than the Series X line of Kegerators? Our Stainless Grand Deluxe 3 models are commercial grade, and perfect for commercial use or your ultimate man cave. This 60″ long model can hold 3 full sized 15.5 gallon kegs, and up to twelve 5 gallon Corny style kegs. It features a built in stainless drip tray with drain, and hole for one optional 4 faucet T tower.

• Liftgate truck delivery cost included to the lower 48 states!

• 304 stainless steel countertops with thick insulating core foam

• Complete stainless finish on sides and back

• Two double glazed safety glass doors with locks and keys included

• Exterior LED light switch to show off your products

• Built in countersunk stainless drip tray system with drain installed to bottom of unit

• 2 rubberised steel wire racks that are removeable and adjustable

• 4 heavy duty caster wheels (not fitted, adjustable feet are installed on arrival)

• Rated to operate in ambient temperatures up to 86° F.

• Digital Centigrade thermostat with adjustable differential

• Two holes filled with foam on the right side can be drilled out for gas in hoses

• Integral tower cooling fan with cooling hose to route up into your beer tower

• One year warranty


External: 59″ (L) x 28″ (W) x 36″ (H) [without included 4″ caster wheels]

Internal: 45.5″ (L) x 21.5″ (D) x 30.5″ (H)

Power Consumption: 2.8 amps at 110 volts

Please Read:

1. You may want to adjust the differential of the included Dixell XR03CX controller. The differential is the amount of time the control waits after cooling to the target temperature before restarting the compressor. A higher differential gives you a wider temperature range and less wear on the compressor, while a lower differential makes for a very narrow temperature with more wear on the compressor. This is done by programming the temperature control on the front panel. This commercial grade centigrade control is very versatile and will let you fine tune your refrigerator to your specifications, but not very intuitive. Click here for a manual. Note that the unit has a fahrenheit mode, but we recommend it is not used, and that you keep the unit in centigrade for best performance.

2. This is a commercial grade appliance with a high level of cooling performance. The powerful fans in this unit are louder than the smaller Series X Kegerators

3. These commercial grade fridges have been handcrafted and may have some light cosmetic scratches or dings/dents which is normal

4. This unit is free standing and should not be built in to a countertop to prevent overheating.

5. This unit does not have a plug for the beer tower. You will need to purchase a beer tower to plug the top tower hole. All our Nukatap towers will fit.


Kegland Grand Deluxe Kegerator at William’s Brewing

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