Announcing: KegLand Core 360 Mini C02 Regulator – Works w/Sodastream OR 16 gram cartridges!

KegLand Core 360 Mini C02 Regulator from William's Brewing

KegLand Core 360 Mini C02 Regulator from William’s Brewing

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

The Mini 360 Core Actuator Regulator from KegLand is extremely versatile, and can be used with either a Sodastream® C02 Bottle or a 16 gram C02 cartridge.

Unlike other regulator designs, the Mini 360 Core does not puncture or open the C02 cartridge or cylinder until after the C02 source is screwed onto the regulator. After securing the C02 source to the regulator, you then tighten the plunger which pierces the cartridge, or opens the Sodastream pin. The result is no wasted gas when you install a cartridge.

It also has a choice of two disconnect orientations, and features a DuoTight compatible 6.5mm hose barb outlet which can also accept ¼” inner diameter gas tubing. Also included is a Female Flare outlet so you can screw this regulator directly onto a threaded Ball Lock Disconnect if you prefer.

The pressure relief valve releases at 65 PSI, but you can switch this out for a different range by using our red 35 PSI relief valve or our 100 PSI grey relief valve.

The Mini Gauge is heavily protected with brass on all sides to prevent damage when dropping. The gauge itself is a standard KegLand Mini Gauge, and you can swap out another KegLand Mini gauge with a 2mm hex wrench if you would prefer a different range than 0-60 PSI.


1 x Mini 360 Core Actuator Regulator with Sodastream® thread

1 x 360° 6.5mm duotight compatible hose barb

1 x 360° FFL Fitting for MFL Disconnects

1 x Port end cap

1 x 65psi Green PRV

1 x 16 Gram Threaded C02 Cartridge Adapter

Note: This also fits Leland® brand 74 gram threaded cartridges if you order our adapter item G60. It does not fit 74 gram Brewer’s Edge® C02 cartridges.

Note: Pictured Sodastream® 60 Liter C02 Bottle not included, these are available at many home stores and also exchanged at many stores.


This is… DuoTight compatible and it works with Sodastream tanks and 16 gram cartridges!  It’s worth noting that DuoTights are not a requirement if you’re not currently using that great system.

KegLand Core 360 Mini C02 Regulator

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