Grade A Refurbished Ball Locks – from $80

18L Ball Lock Corny Keg - Fully Refurbished (AEB/SAFER/Cornelius)

Keg Outlet has Grade A, completely refurbished ball locks from $80 depending on how many you buy.

The fact is… the era of cheap and readily available used homebrew kegs is… done. I could give you a bunch of reasoning behind that opinion including one of the best sources for used kegs… de-listing used kegs, but I’ve got a regularly updated article on the topic you can check out.

Considering current availability and pricing and the fact these these kegs are the best of the best when it comes to refurbished this is a great deal.

18L and 9L sizes are available

For a short time, Keg Outlet is buy 3, get 1 free kegs. Choose from either brand new AMCYL kegs or refurbished corny kegs.

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