RARE Sale on a Hard to Find Keg… Brand New 10 and 15 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs

10 and 15 gallon ball lock kegs can be tough to find.  Sometimes extremely tough.

These size kegs are handy if you’re a larger batch brewer wanting to keg larger batches and… they work great as fermenters.  I’ve used a 10 gallon ball lock for years and years as a fermenter.  It allows me to ferment under pressure [See: Spunding Valve Build], do fermenter to serving keg transfers under pressure, it’s food grade stainless steel and it’s easy to move around.  I’ve been a big advocate of this application of these hard to find kegs.

Keggle brewing has sourced factory second and brand new 10 and 15 gallon kegs.  Availability of these can be touch and go, especially for the factory seconds.  The factory seconds save you quite a bit of money.  Those are new kegs that have some blemishes, but are all in good usable condition and hold pressure.

As of this posting, Keggle Brewing has brand new 10 gallon ball lock kegs marked down to $299.  That’s a savings of $26 from their already low price.  This is a bargain for these hard to find kegs.  Check Keggle Brewing for current selection, pricing and availability.

Kegs at Keggle Brewing


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