Brand New Keg Lids – works with ball and pin lock kegs – on sale for $16.20 + free ship eligible

Lid for Corny Keg (New)

Brand New Replacement Corny Keg Lid

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This is a new Cornelius keg lid with a new pressure relief valve and lid o-ring.

Perfect option to add a pressure relief valve to a Pin Lock keg, or to replace an old lid.



Works with Both Ball & Pin Lock Kegs!  In most cases, Pin lock and ball lock cornelius style keg lids are interchangeable from a size perspective.  That means you can, generally speaking, put a pepsi/ball lock style (manual prv) lid on a coke/pin lock style (no manual prv) keg.  In my book, that’s a solid upgrade.  See: What’s the Difference Between Ball Lock Kegs and Pin Lock Kegs?

Lid for Corny Keg (New)

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