Announcing: Kegland NUKATAP Forward Sealing Beer Faucets! – Compatible w/Intertap Accessories + Hands on Review!

Introducing Nukatap Beer Faucets!
from MoreBeer:

Introducing NUKATAP Beer Faucets!

The Engineers at Kegland have done it again, they have raised the bar on beer faucet design! The new NUKATAP is stacked with engineering improvements and is also compatible with all Intertap Faucet Accessories & Shanks. With a price tag of only $37.99, the new NUKATAP offers an amazing feature set at incredible price!

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NukaTap Faucets come in three variations. Stainless, Stealth (Matte Black) and Flow Control. All feature stainless steel construction, forward seal design and all the other NukaTap innovations.

NukaTap Hands on Review!


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Works with Tapcooler!

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