Announcing: Kegland Duotight Inline Regulator (no gauge) [control each keg separately]… $6.99 + DuoTight Hands on Review

Duotight In-Line Regulator D1046

Duotight In-Line Regulator via MoreBeer

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The Duotight In-Line regulator works with both gas and liquid. Easily adjust the flow with the yellow adjustment knob. 8 mm Duotight fittings at both inlet and outlet make this unit perfect for use with EVABarrier 8 mm OD tubing (D1717 or D1718).

Suitable for applications ranging from 0-150 psi. Since this unit does not have a built-in pressure gauge, it can be used in the full pressure range without ever needing to purchase or swap out the gauge. We recommend using an adjustable relief valve/spunding valve on your keg to set the pressure.

This regulator is perfect for lowering your mains water pressure for use with the Continuous Soda Carbonator Keg Lid.


  • Pressure Range: 0–150 psi
  • Suitable for mains water pressure
  • Liquid and gas compatible
  • Easily disassembles for cleaning
  • 8mm (5/16″) Duotight fittings at both ends
  • Wall mountable
  • Made from non-corrosive acetyl, nitrile, and stainless parts


  • Kegland’s DuoTight Inline Regulator No Gauge via MoreBeer
  • This is a follow up to the with Gauge option.  Of course, it’s great to have a gauge, but this option has the advantage of a lower cost, just $6.99 as of this posting.
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  • The DuoTight lineup is awesome… Hands on Review: DuoTight Fittings & EVABarrier Tubing!
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Duotight In-Line Regulator D1046

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