Color Coded Keg Post O-Rings at William’s Brewing

color coded keg orings

William’s Brewing has introduced a line of color coded keg orings – for both ball and pin lock kegs.  Choose from black, red, green and blue.  These are for keg posts.  All are functionally similar, just different colors so you can color code posts if you so choose.

  • These are a bit pricey at 49 cents each.
  • The other potential issue is that they aren’t listed as food grade.  More about this topic: Food Safe Replacement Keg O-Rings
  • Valuebrew has a lineup of food safe silicone orings that are available in bulk at a much lower price.  Just one color, but you’re getting food safe materials and saving a good bit in comparison.  Currently 3 x 25 packs of your choice ship for the same low rate as a single pack.
  • Keg Fitting O-Rings at William’s Brewing

Related: Our Beer is food, right?  Shouldn’t we be using materials rated for food?  See: Food Safe Replacement Keg O-Rings

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