1 Faucet Basic Homebrew Kegerator Kit from Keg Connection – $60.52 with stacking deals

1 Faucet Basic Homebrew Kegerator Kit

1 Faucet Basic Homebrew Kegerator Kit from Keg Connection

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

This kit allows you to serve your homebrewed beer anywhere! It can be used in a fridge or on ice. We use premium components in this kit that will give you years of faithful service like Taprite, Chudnow or TOF regulators. We also use premium CMB Disconnects which are made in Germany and Assembled in the United States! Our hose is NSF approved and made in the USA. This kit is also easy to upgrade in the future. Just pop off the party faucet and add a beer shank or tower for a Fridge Kit or Tower Kit. Last, but certainly not least we also offer a version of this kit with the CMB Event faucet, just click here to see!


  • This is perfect for the avid HBF Reader that may have already picked up a keg along the way.  It also offers loads of upgrade options (additional costs), so you can build just the setup you’re looking for.
  • This setup is on sale for $63.71.
  • HBF Reader Coupon!  As of this posting, coupon code HBF5OFF takes an additional 5% off.  This stacks making this $60.52.

1 Faucet Basic Homebrew Kegerator Kit

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