Serve Homebrew & Sanke Kegs on Any Kegerator

Homebrew and Commercial Kegerators do the same thing.  They chill beer and allow you to serve it.  Each has lines for gas (typically CO2) and beer.  The only difficult thing about switching back and forth are the fittings and taps.

Commercial kegs use commercial keg couplers or taps.  These taps vary based on the brewery.  A typical style for US kegs is Sanke type D.  Commercial taps typically handle liquid and gas in single unit while homebrew couplers separate these out into gas and liquid quick disconnects.

Fortunately fittings exist to easily switch back and forth between common commercial and homebrew coupler styles.

Sanke Coupler to Ball Lock – Serve Commercial Kegs on a Homebrew Kegerator

These allow you to attach ball lock QDsto a Sankey style tap so that you can serve a commercial keg on your homebrew kegerator.  You need one beer side fitting and one gas side fitting to do this.  These work with ball lock kegs only, I’m not aware of similar pin lock keg fittings.  That’s not a huge deal even if you typically use pin lock kegs.  Just grab a set of ball lock QDs to use with these fittings.

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Female Flare to Beer Thread Adapter – Serve Homebrew Kegs on a Commercial Kegerator

These fittings converts beer thread adapter to FFL.  In turn, you can connect your 1/4″ flare ball lock OR pin lock disconnects to this fitting enabling you to serve ball or pin lock homebrew kegs on a commercial kegerator.  You need two of these, one for gas and one for liquid.

FEMALE FLARE (FFL) TO MALE BEER THREAD ADAPTER – via Brew Hardware – for easily serving homebrew kegs on a commercial system

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These fittings are based on standard thread types on should work on the vast majority of kegerator setups.  Having said that it’s possible that there are some incompatible couplers and connectors out there.  If your setup is non-standard, I suggest asking William’s Brewing or Brew Hardware about compatibility.

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