Tip: Use Metric for Hops, Water Salts and Yeast Starters

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  • Grams are much easier and more accurate for measuring hops and water salts.
  • Of course, grams aren’t technically more accurate, a weight is a weight.  What I’m saying is they are practically more accurate.  For example 14 grams is .493835 ounces.   If you have 6 digit precision when using ounces on your scale, whammo, it doesn’t matter much, but a gram scale with 1 digit precision (Example 14.1 grams) is a lot easier to come by and gets you really close with fewer digits to concern yourself with.
  • A starter is also easier in metric.  Water to DME ratio is always 10 to 1.  1,000 mL (1 L) to 100 grams of DME.  Example –  Need to make a 1.5 L Starter?  You need 150 grams of DME.
  • Search Amazon for “Digital Gram Scale”
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