Taprite Two Product Dual Pressure Kegerator CO2 Regulator

Co2 Beer Regulator, Dual Body, Three Gauge, Taprite Brand

Co2 Beer Regulator, Dual Body, Three Gauge, Taprite Brand

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  • Poly carbonate Bonnet will not chip, break or fade. BONUS: Kegconnection adds an Additional ONE year warranty.)
  • Individual shut off valves allow you to switch on/off each CO2 line
  • Made in the USA Taprite Regulator has one-0-2000 gauge measures CO2 in tank and 0-60 gauges measure pressure to each keg
  • This regulator allows you to tap two kegs at the same time and control the pressure to each keg


A two pressure regulator gives you the ability to keep kegs at different pressures.  This is a requirement to maintain two distinct carbonation levels.  It’s also handy if you want to force carbonate a keg more quickly, at a higher pressure, while maintaining your standard serving pressure on a keg that’s already being served or if you want to have a utility line for purging kegs and such.

As of this posting, Taprite products are Made in the USA.  See: About on Taprite’s Website for current information regarding country of origin.  Print screen 8/8/17

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