Stainless Steel FFL to Male Beer Thread Adapter – serve homebrew kegs on commercial system!

1/4" FFL to Beer Nut Adaptor (SS)

1/4″ FFL to Beer Nut Adaptor (SS) via Adventures in Homebrewing

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1/4″ FFL to Beer Nut Adaptor (SS)

You asked for it and we had it made for you!
Now you can connect a commercial beer nut to your Ball Lock or Pin Lock disconnect. You will be able to do this without cutting your lines and adding multiple fittings and clamps. NO MORE CUTTING YOUR LINES to be able to serve corny kegs and Sankey kegs on the same system.

Note: If you are using this on a Stainless Steel Disconnect you will need to use a Nylon Flare washer please see the add on for this.


This allows you to easily convert commercial beer thread to flare ball lock or pin lock QDs.

1/4″ FFL to Beer Nut Adaptor (SS)

Serve Homebrew on Any Kegerator & Convert Commercial Kegerator to Homebrew

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