Introducing: William’s Brewing Sankey Keg Ball Lock Tri-Clover Lid

Sankey Keg Ball Lock Tri-Clover Lid

Sankey Keg Ball Lock Tri-Clover Lid from William’s Brewing

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

This converts a Sankey Keg so it can be easily cleaned, and used with ball lock disconnects. Includes a gas in and beer out ball lock post, as well as a 0-30 PSI pressure relief valve. A special Tri Clover gasket is included that is grooved on one side to seal the lid, and smooth on the other for a positive seal with the smooth top of the Sankey. A flexible silicone beer pick up tube hose is provided. The relief valve and posts are standard Corny style, and can be easily replaced if needed.

To fit this, you will need a Sankey Keg with a 2″ Tri-Clover opening which has had its circlip and spear removed (lots on Youtube about how to do this). Then just install the 2″ Tri-Clover gasket smooth side down, and clamp down the Tri-Clover clamp to complete your conversion. Pictured keg is not included.

10 L Cleaning Keg with Dual Sankey D Couplers

Perfect for cleaning beer lines! This cleaning keg is made of stainless steel and has a 10 liter (or just over 2.5 Gallon) capacity. The top of the keg features a removable lid with pressure relief valve and two Sankey D coupler connections. Hook up to two separate beer lines directly to keg, fill keg with a beer line cleaner (Pick One Up HERE!), and then simply run the cleaner through your system according to the recommended directions on your cleaner. This Cleaning Keg will allow you clean even large multi-tap systems quickly and easily, ensuring you get a perfect pour, pint after pint!

10 L Cleaning Keg with Dual Sankey D Couplers Includes:
– 10 Liter (~2.5 Gallon) Capacity
– 2 Sankey D Coupler Connections
– Carrying Handle
– Removable Lid with Pressure Relief Valve


Check William’s Brewing for current price, description and availability.

Sankey Keg Ball Lock Tri-Clover Lid

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