One of Keg Connection’s Most Popular Products… FLOTit 2.0 – Double Filter Floating Dip Tube, Made in USA… $23.70 w/Stacking Deals

FLOTit 2.0 Stainless Steel Floating Dip Tube | NO BEER LEFT BEHIND

FLOTit 2.0 Stainless Steel Floating Dip Tube | NO BEER LEFT BEHIND

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

Are you seeking crystal-clear beer right from the tap? Introducing the FLOTit 2.0 Floating Dip Tube, your solution for filtering out hop particles before they enter your beer lines. This device features a compact stainless steel float, measuring just 1½ inches in diameter!

Setting up the FLOTit 2.0 is quick and easy: simply detach the beer post from your ball lock keg, remove the existing long dip tube, and replace it with the shorter tube provided. Next, connect the silicone tubing to the tube’s underside. Submerge the entire setup in the keg and trim the tubing to allow the float to sit at the keg’s bottom.

The package comes complete with a 22-inch silicone tube, a dip tube adapter, a 304-grade stainless steel float equipped with a stainless mesh filter, and additional replacement seal gaskets for the mesh filter.


  • Keg Connection is now carrying FLOTit 2.0! This is already one of Keg Connection’s most popular products
  • These are on sale for $29.95.
  • Stacking coupon code HBF5OFF makes FLOTit 2.0 just $28.45 at checkout.
  • These also fall under Keg Connection’s Flat Rate Shipping Promotion.  Your entire order ships for one flat rate, no matter how much you order, to addresses in the contiguous US

FLOTit 2.0 Stainless Steel Floating Dip Tube | NO BEER LEFT BEHIND

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Works with AEB KegsHands on Review

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My explanation of how this works…

When we carbonate a keg, pressure is being applied to the keg from the top, via the head space. Beer at the top carbonates first. That carbonation works it’s way down the keg. I’m sure there’s also some movement in the keg that helps to mix things up and distribute carbonation. But just sitting there, I think that mixing is a slow process. However it all works, practically speaking, the beer at the top carbonates more quickly compared to the beer at the bottom. This allows you to serve from the top accessing the more carbonated portion of the keg. It’s also a benefit for clarity because trub settles out heading downward. You can see this stratification in a glass carboy. As the beer starts to clear, the top clears first. I don’t think if this is exactly accurate, but I picture carbonation happening with the same sort of stratification until the beer reaches equilibrium and is equally carbonated throughout.

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Hands on Review: FLOTit 2.0 Floating Dip Tube w/DFI, Double Filter Inlet!

+ Keg Connection Says… ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Reviews Are In – BEST KEGS EVER

18+ Liter Ball Lock Keg | Fully Remanufactured (AEB/SAFER/Cornelius) | SEE DESCRIPTION

18+ Liter Ball Lock Keg | Fully Remanufactured (AEB/SAFER/Cornelius) | SEE DESCRIPTION

More Info

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

18+ Liter Ball Lock Keg | Fully Remanufactured (AEB/SAFER/Cornelius)
These are top-tier, refurbished Corny kegs made of stainless steel. With stainless steel costs climbing and high-quality used kegs becoming increasingly scarce, this is an offer you won’t want to overlook.

Every keg in our collection undergoes a comprehensive refurbishment process. This includes deep cleaning, machine polishing, and the replacement of o-rings on the lid, PRV, as well as liquid and gas dip tubes, in addition to two o-rings on each post. These kegs are all sourced from elite brands, including AEB, SAFER, and CORNELIUS.

Additional Information on Our Refurbished Kegs:
Though these kegs are pre-owned, they may exhibit minor cosmetic imperfections such as small dings and scratches that couldn’t be completely polished away. None of these issues impact their functionality.

After the cleaning and polishing operations, some residue might be present on either the keg’s exterior or its rubber components. While it may transfer onto your hands, this is merely a reminder that all kegs—whether new or used—need to be meticulously cleaned before usage. Proper sanitization is also crucial before filling them with any beverage.

A subset of these kegs has experienced sun damage to the rubber areas, affecting the seal. This could lead to the formation of black marks, particularly when the rubber is wet, although this is less likely when it’s dry.

Lastly, you might find some kegs with double o-rings on their posts. While this may appear out of the ordinary, rest assured they function as effectively as those with single o-rings.

Diameter: 8-7/8″ (225mm)
Height: 22-1/4″ (565mm)
Weight: 9 lbs 9oz (4.34kg)
Volume: 4.75 gallons (18 liters) but some are also slightly more in full volume
Post Thread Size: 9/16-18 UNF Thread on both the IN and Out.


The fact is… the era of cheap and readily available used homebrew kegs is… done. I could give you a bunch of reasoning behind that opinion including one of the best sources for used kegs… de-listing used kegs, but I’ve got a regularly updated article on the topic you can check out.

Keg Connection Says…

“People have been receiving these new PREMIUM REMANUFACTURED KEGS and already love them! That’s because there hasn’t been a used keg on the market in this good of condition, EVER. They’re ‘used’ in a literal sense but each of these kegs has undergone an extensive refurbishing process. They have been meticulously cleaned, machine-polished, and fitted with new o-rings including the lid, pressure relief valve, and both liquid and gas dip tubes. Plus, we’ve added two new o-rings on each post.”

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