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FLOTit 2.0 - No Beer Left Behind Floating Dip Tube with Double Filter Inlet (DFI) of 500/300 micron for always clear beer. Made in USA

FLOTit 2.0 – No Beer Left Behind Floating Dip Tube with Double Filter Inlet (DFI) of 500/300 micron for always clear beer. Made in USA.

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Highlighted Features
  • NO-ARM-IN-KEG - connections are made outside the keg
  • NO DRY HOPPING BAG or TUBE needed - The Double Filter 500 & 300 micron mesh keeps the poppet unclogged
  • NO BEER WASTE - The Double Filter Inlet of 500 & 300 stainless steel micron mesh let you enjoy the very first pour instead of dumping it
  • NO ADDED WEIGHT is needed to keep it from sucking in foam
  • NO BEER LEFT BEHIND - little beer is left on the yeast cake at the end


FLOTit 2.0 – No Beer Left Behind Floating Dip Tube with Double Filter Inlet (DFI) of 500/300 micron for always clear beer. Made in USA – More info via Amazon

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Update: Winner Announced….

Congratulations to Troy W!

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Enter to Win a Free FLOTit 2.0!

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