Draft Tower Cooler – $44.99 – via Stacking “Save Extra on Sale Items Sale”

Draft Tower Cooler

Draft Tower Cooler via Austin Homebrew Supply

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

A draft tower cooler cools the tower, beer shanks, faucets, and the beer inside of it. Cooling the tower and the air inside it helps eliminate warm beer that is in the line. If a tower hasn’t been used in 15 minutes the beer inside can easily warm up to room temperature. This will create foam on the next use. Cooling the tower will also reduce faucet mold and bacterial growth. This draft tower cooler is easy to install.

– Blower and fan motor
– 3/4″ I.D. tubing
– AC power supply
– Cable tie


As of this posting, this setup is on sale for $49.99.  Price, promotions and availability can change quickly.  Please note that product prices and availability are subject to change. Prices and availability were accurate at the time this this post was published; however, they may differ from those you see when you visit the product page.  Check the product page for current price, description and availability.

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Draft Tower Cooler

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

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