Digital Finger Counters to Estimate Remaining Draft Beer!

Finger counters are pretty self explanatory.  They are digital counters that strap to your finger.  Tap the button to add one to the count.

Thanks to HBF Reader Jeff for this tip!  [8 Ways to Connect with HBF]

These are small enough to put near or on the tap, color coded for easy identification, re-settable, and will save the last recorded number when it goes into power save.

These may even fit on your tap handle or faucet, depending on it’s size.  5 gallons of beer = around 40 x 16 ounce glasses of beer.  Tweak for your quantity of beer and normal glass size and click every time you serve a pint and you’ll have an estimate of how many beers you have left.

Jeff Says: “As you can see from the picture, they fit well on standard tap handles. The band is made of that sorta “sticky” plastic kiddie watchband type material, so they stay in place and have a bit of stretch. They go to sleep to save the battery life, so you need to press once to wake up, then again to increment. So I press to guesstimate, pour and press again to record the pour. Again, it is just a rough estimate, but pretty effective.”

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