Trouble Cleaning Your Keezer With a Collar? Use a Mop

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Adding a collar to my chest freezer based kegerator/keezer was a huge upgrade.  It allowed me to switch from messy/drippy picnic taps to forward sealing faucets and a drip tray.  It looks great and it works great.  Beyond that, I don’t have to deal with sticky tubing and cobra style taps.

The downside of doing this is… I can no longer easily reach the bottom of the chest freezer.  I just cannot get down there.  Short of actually trying to get inside (which would not be pretty) or removing the collar, this is a spot that’s hard to clean.

Mops to the rescue!  I use a mop to periodically clean and sanitizer the floor of my collar-equipped keezer.  It makes quick work of the job.  I did purchase a new mop to dedicated to this use.

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