Beer Tower Cooler – Helps Fix Beer Foam Problems

Beer Tower Cooler

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  • Works with any kegerator with a 3″ or larger diameter beer tower – home built or store bought.
  • Works with commercial or homebrew beer kegs. Easy to install – just insert into your beer tower from inside your kegerator, zip-tie the hose to your beer line with the included zip-tie so it does not slip out, plug-in and you are ready to go.
  • Built with an 8500 RPM 9.9 CFM blower motor, but only draws 1.6 Watts. 9.9 CFM is more than enough air to cool any beer tower ice cold!
  • With our tower cooler, Our very tiny but powerful 40 mm fan hangs down inside your kegerator and blows just the right amount of cold air into your beer tower and onto your beer shanks.
  • Completely pre-assembled – no assembly required. Includes a energy star energy efficient power supply.


Beer Tower Cooler


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