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5 Gallon Reconditioned Ball Lock Kegs – $63.99 (and free shipping) via Father’s Day Sale

Used Corny Keg Ball Lock 5 gal. - Pressure Tested, Cleaned and Sanitized

Reconditioned 5 gallon ball lock keg with rubber tops and buttons.  Washed and rinsed inside and out.  No soda syrup or residue is left behind.  These are also pressure tested and guaranteed to hold pressure.

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

These Ball Lock Corny Kegs are a sturdy, reliable keg with the MoreBeer! seal of approval. These corny kegs are cleaned, de-labeled, sanitized, pressure tested and guaranteed to hold pressure upon delivery.

Every Ball Lock Cornelius Keg has a 5 gallon capacity and a rubber top and bottom. While these are used kegs with slight cosmetic damages, these light dings and scratches have no effect the keg’s performance. The relief valves, poppets and gaskets on these used kegs are not replaced before shipping, but we sell all of these items separately if you’d like to replace them yourself at home (part numbers KEG540, KEG450 & KEG500). If you’re looking for a truly economical way to serve your beer at home, this Ball Lock Cornelius Keg is a great option.

  • Used keg with minor cosmetic damage only
  • Ball lock corny kegs measure approximately 8.5″ (diameter) x 25″ (height) x 26 1/4″ Height with flare fittings
  • Soda kegs may come with either 11/16 inch body connects or 7/8″ body connects
  • Purchase deep sockets to remove body connects (part numbers KEG991 and KEG992)


  • By my count, these have been out of stock for MONTHS at a time. They came back in stock in March of this year as a pre-order.
  • As of this posting they’re back in stock AND on sale as part of MoreBeer’s Father’s Day Sale
  • I have no idea how many they’ll have but if the past repeats itself, I’d suggest ordering sooner rather than later.

Used Corny Keg Ball Lock 5 gal. – Pressure Tested KEG423

OR Ball Lock Homebrew Keg Deal – Scratch & Dent Ball Locks… $42.95


Scratch and Dent Ball Locks from

These kegs hold pressure and work fine, but have some more significant dents. They may have a broken handle or loose rubber top or bottom or an excessive amount of labels. These are refurbished ball lock Pepsi Style kegs with all new orings and a manual pull-ring relief valve. Photo shows example kegs, but are priced each.

As of this posting these are on sale for $42.95. Check site for current price & availability.


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