Ball Lock Gas QD, MFL – with CHECK VALVE – Handy for DuoTight Installs

Ball Lock Gas Disconnect MFL with Check Valve for Homebrewing

Ball Lock Disconnect with Check Valve Corny Keg Gas Disconnect Check Valve mfl 1/4 for Home Brewing Cornelius Keg by PERA

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  • 1.The Ball Lock Gas Disconnect has an internal Check Valve, will allow Gas into a Keg, while preventing Beer from seeping out;
  • 2.The Gas Disconnect with Check Valve usually connect 5/16" Swivel Nut, it works as the normal Gas Ball Lock Disconnect and add a liquid no return;
  • 3.Use: The Check Valve Gas Disconnect is for most Cornelius Keg, Pepsi Keg, and 7-UP tanks;
  • 4.Guarantee: Quality Guarantee, any problem for Ball Lock Gas Disconnect with Check Valve, Money Back or Replacement free.


This ball lock QD has an integrated check valve.  This keeps beer from backflowing into your gas lines.  That’s handy in any installation, but I specifically recommend this style of gas QD for DuoTight Installations as they allow you to skip inline check fittings and really clean up your setup.  See my DuoTight Review for more on that.

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Ball Lock Gas Disconnect MFL with Check Valve for Homebrewing  – affiliate link, note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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