Announcing: Uni Gas Dip Tube from Homebrewer Labs – increase keg capacity!

UNI Dip Tube

UNI Dip Tube by Homebrewer Labs

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This food grade silicone and stainless gas dip tube fits all ball and pin lock kegs, and does not require an O ring to seal.

Best of all, by being only 3/4 of an inch long, it increases the headspace in your keg, so you are less likely to have beer come up the gas side and into your lines. Fill your kegs more and reduce headspace with this little part.


William’s Says… “Increase Keg Capacity… With the Uni Gas Dip Tube from Homebrewer Labs. Silicone and stainless, this ¾” long gas dip tube fits all kegs, and increases keg capacity by allowing higher fills. By increasing capacity, you also reduce the amount of air in contact with your beer.”

UNI Dip Tube

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