Fermzilla Molded Pressure Kit – convert Fermzilla Fermenters into UniVessel Kegs… $19.99

Fermzilla Molded Pressure Kit

Fermzilla Molded Pressure Kit via William’s Brewing

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This kit fits both the 27 and 55 Liter Fermzilla and turns the Fermzilla into a true uni tank, which is a conical fermenter for fermenting, carbonating, and dispensing. Includes two ball lock connectors that will accept either a gas or beer ball lock, a 22″ food grade silicone hose, and a stainless float ball so you always draw the clearest beer first. The plastic threads are safer to use on the plastic Fermzilla lid than stainless threads.

One of the primary uses is to ferment under pressure which reduces ester production and fusel alcohol production. That means that you can ferment warmer than you normally would, even making lagers at room temperature. Most commercial beer is fermented under pressure just due to the size of commercial tanks and the pressure that is created by the column of beer. It is one of the differences between commercial brewing and homebrewing. The Fermzilla lid has a built in relief valve that will blow at 35psi and with this kit you can also attach an external ball lock spundling valve (not included) to fine tune the pressure release.

When you are fermenting under pressure the beer is already carbonated when you are done fermenting. You can control the level of carbonation by using an adjustable pressure relief. The idea is that the FermZilla can eliminate kegging and you can serve directly from the fermenter. This saves a lot of labor and cleaning, but there will probably still be times that you want to keg. With this kit, use a ball lock beer line to connect the FermZilla to your keg and enjoy the easiest kegging experience ever. You can also choose to send carbonated beer through a beer filter on the way to your keg.

Because the beer always has a CO2 blanket through fermentation and during any transfers out, oxidation is eliminated. When you cold crash you won’t be sucking air back in through an airlock.

• Ferment beer under pressure to reduce ester and fusel alcohol production
• Ability to always draw clear beer with the unique, floating draw tube
• Keg already carbonated beer
• Use co2 to push beer into a keg or though a filter into a keg
• Carbonate and serve beer directly from the FermZilla, eliminating kegging all together


As of this posting, William’s Brewing is selling this for just $19.99. Shipping is free or reasonably priced flat rate to addresses in the lower 48 states depending on your order size for most items.

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