Bulk Food Grade Buna-N Replacement Keg LID O-Rings – Free Shipping w/Select Orders

Keg Lid O-Rings - Food Safe Buna-N

  • Valuebrew has struggled with availability on some of their options.  This has been particularly true of their keg lid o-rings.
  • As of this posting, bulk food grade buna-n keg o-rings are in stock, Check product page to see if you can still get in on this.
  • Out of stock Again?  We keep a close eye on these.  Connect with HBF and we’ll let you know when they come back.

Keg Lid O-Rings – Food Safe Buna-N

Complete Selection: Bulk Food Safe Keg O-Rings

Get Free Shipping

For a short time, Valuebrew is offering free shipping when you buy four or more packs of 50 o-rings. Choose from custom blue and green, dip tube, ball and pin lock posts, universal poppet and internal QD. You can also add on lid orings and their exclusive ball lock jumpers.

SPECIAL! Four Fifties = Free Shipping

More about food safe materials:

For whatever reason, it’s difficult to find food safe keg o-rings.  Maybe some of the o-rings that are available are food safe, but very few are actually labeled as such.

The fact is we’re putting beer (food) in our kegs and we should be using food safe materials whenever we can.  More Info: Food Safe Replacement Keg O-Rings

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