30% Off Keg Connection’s Deluxe Draft Beer Tool Kit

Deluxe Draft Installation/Maintenance Tool Kit from Keg Connection.  Includes a selection of tools and repair parts packed into an ammo can.

You Get...
  • Oetiker clamp tool
  • 20 each of 13.3, 15.7 & 17 Oetiker clamps
  • 5 each of 14.5 & 15.3 Oetiker clamps.
  • 5 adjustable clamps
  • 2 each of beer nut, tailpiece
  • 5 beer washers
  • Deluxe Beer Wrench for faucet, beer nut and tower nut
  • 5 piece oring set for ball lock or pin lock keg
  • Home brew disconnect repair parts: flat washer/oring (2), spring (2), Stem (2), 1 each (2 parts),  cap for ball lock gas and liquid, 1 each (4 parts), cap for pin lock (tall and short) gas and liquid
  • 1 ounce of “Lubri-Film”  NSF approved oring lube
  • 5 MFL washers (for tailpiece or other metal MFL connections

All packed in a watertight, military ammo can.


  • This setup is marked down 30% to $45.57.
  • Everything ships for a flat $7.99 to addresses in the contiguous US, regardless of order size

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