Taprite Two Product Dual Pressure Kegerator CO2 Regulator

Co2 Beer Regulator, Dual Body, Three Gauge, Taprite Brand by Kegconnection

Co2 Beer Regulator, Dual Body, Three Gauge

  • Poly carbonate Bonnet will not chip, break or fade
  • Individual shut off valves allow you to switch on/off each CO2 line
  • 0-2000 gauge measures CO2 in tank
  • 0-60 gauges measure pressure to each keg
  • This regulator allows you to tap two kegs at the same time and control the pressure to each keg
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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

This Dual Body Regulator is perfect for those who want to keep different pressure on different beer styles. It is also used for those who wish to have beer and soda off the same CO2 tank. You can serve multiple kegs with this system by adding an air distributor to one or both outlets. Taprite Regulators are a commercial grade beer regulator that is used by professional installers in bars and restaurants all over the world. They are also available for your home brew draft beer system, so you can experience the same quality and reliability as the professionals. This is the most consistent, reliable regulators in on the market today. Includes Kegconnection’s DOUBLE LENGTH WARRANTY (Click HERE to view) for Home Users! Assembled and tested in the USA! Built in accordance with UL Standard 252 and the requirements of MIL-STD-105E Built in O-ring Seal to CO2 cylinder, don’t have to keep up with fiber washer! Stays on pressure even as your CO2 cylinder goes down in volume. Available in many configurations to fit your needs, including primary and secondary models. Rebuild kits are available so you can keep this regulator in service indefinitely. 10 Micron Filter built in to keep contaminants out of regulator Comes with 1/4″ MFL ends on check valves. Pick 5/16″ or 1/4″ barbed swivel nuts depending on the size of the hose you will be using.


A two pressure regulator gives you the ability to keep kegs at different pressures.  This is a requirement to maintain two distinct carbonation levels.  It’s also handy if you want to force carbonate a keg more quickly, at a higher pressure, while maintaining your standard serving pressure on a keg that’s already being served.

Co2 Beer Regulator, Dual Body, Three Gauge, Taprite Brand by Kegconnection

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