CMBecker Ball Lock QDs + Replacement O-Rings

cmbecker ball lock

There are at least a couple manufacturers of Ball Lock Quick Disconnects out there.  In my book there is… CMBecker and everyone else.  With orders over the years, I have mostly received CMB brand QDs, but periodically, I’ll get an off brand.  Don’t get me wrong, all of the off brands I’ve received have worked fine.  They just don’t look or feel as well made and they don’t seem to engage and disengage quite a smoothly.

With all that being said, I prefer CMBecker QDs.

Here’s a quick look at CMB’s ball lock QDs with some thoughts about barb vs MFL and a look at the o-ring.

cln_img_9682Top down look – You can see the NSF Certification Seal

cln_img_9683Gas QD side view shows CMB

cln_img_9684Liquid QD side view shows CMB

MFL vs Barb.  My guess is that, generally, people prefer MFL flavors of QDs.  The big advantage is being able to easily disconnect and reconnect tubing.  That’s nice.  I prefer those for the liquid side.  Although I have MFL gas QDs, I generally prefer barbed QDs for the gas side of things. If an MFL liquid line works it’s way loose, a slow leak or drip is visible.  That’s an easy fix.  That’s not the case with gas.  If an MFL gas line works it’s way loose leaks are, of course, invisible.  Although they are a little more work, I like barbed QDs for gas runs in my kegerator.

5442These QDs have an internal o-ring gasket that keeps liquid and gas from leaking out the top side.  Those are relatively expensive at about 50 cents each – [Here KEG700A from MoreBeer].  There is different (non-OEM) gasket available that works well…

cln_img_9695On the left is an OEM o-ring on the right is a dash-013 silicone oring.  As you can see the silicone o-ring is slightly larger.

cln_img_9697Here’s my attempt to show the difference in thickness.  Probably not a lot of help.  Sufficed to say the non-oem option is a little thicker.

cln_img_9699Silicone o-ring in the QD

cln_img_9701Finally with the cap tightened down.  Notice the cap is slightly above the QD body.

They aren’t exactly the same, but they have worked great for me for quite some time and they are generally less expensive (on a per piece basis) vs OEM.

Ball Lock Quick Disconnects

013 Silicone O-Ring, 70A Durometer, Red, 7/16″ ID, 9/16″ OD, 1/16″ Width (Pack of 100)

Keg Ball Lock or Pin Lock Quick Disconnect Replacement O-Ring Gasket KEG700A


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