Reader Feedback: ThermoWorks Customer Service

After reading my recent Hands on Review of ThermoWorks RT600C Thermometer, HBF Reader Billy emailed me and let me know that his RT600C wasn’t reading accurately at boiling temperatures.  I don’t think that’s typical.  My RT600C has worked very well for years.  I’ve also gotten a lot of positive feedback, from others, about this great thermometer.

In my experience, ThermoWorks has great customer service, so, I encouraged Billy to contact their customer service department and he did so.  After some back and forth, the technician offered to send out a new replacement and double check the accuracy of the replacement before shipping.  All of this and the thermometer is about a year out of warranty.  That is… amazing customer service.  Do keep in mind that ThermoWorks is not obligated to replace or support equipment out of warranty.  In this case, they went above and beyond.  This is an illustration that shows that ThermoWorks stands behind their products.  Kudos to ThermoWorks!

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