1/4” Swivel Flare Nut x 1/4” Barb Fittings – $1.89 or less

1/4'' Swivel Flare Nut x 1/4'' Barb

Flare Nuts w/1/4″ Barbs from AIH

About: “1/4″ Flare nut with a 1/4″ barb fitting (chrome plated)

These will fit any 1/4” flare of the soda keg disconnects as well as any of the commercial 1/4″ flare fittings. Typically used for the liquid side of a draft system.  Beer line is often 3/16” and will fit this barb securely.  Use a hose clamp when using this product  FYI- There is no reason to use a gasket or Teflon tape on a flare fitting. If your flare is leaking, something is not working properly.”

I’m surprised when I see the general price of these.  Compare – Search 1/4″ flare swivel nut on eBay.  It’s not uncommon to see them sell for $4, $5 or $6 each.

As of this posting, AIH has these for $1.89.  Prices drop if you purchase higher quantities.  Check product page for current price and availability

1/4” Swivel Flare Nut x 1/4” Barb

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