10 and 15 Gallon Torpedo Ball Lock Kegs In Stock + Hands on Review

 New 10 & 15 Gal. Torpedo Kegs!

New 10 & 15 Gal. Torpedo Kegs!

From MoreBeer:

Look out below! The Torpedo Keg Depth Charge series just dropped and they’re set to send blast waves through the homebrew world. Large-scale homebrewers will appreciate the ability to fit their entire batch into a single 10 or 15 gallon ball lock keg, and you can expect the same great features that have made Torpedo Kegs such a hit. Laser welded construction for superior quality, rolled stainless steel handles that will last a lifetime, and stackable design that won’t interfere with your fittings.

To learn more and order your Torpedo Kegs, click here

Thoughts from HBF: This is a great entry into the homebrewing keg market.  Larger 10 and 15 gallon kegs are tough to find and even more difficult to find at a reasonable price.  The current prices, $219 for a 15 gallon keg and $199 for a 10 gallon keg are.. bargains, especially considering that they ship for free to many US addresses.  Beyond kegging larger homebrew batches these can be used as fermenters.

Hands on Review!  Check out my in depth Hands on Review of the 10 gallon version of this keg.

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