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DIY Beer Brewing: Creating Your First Homebrew Paperback

DIY Beer Brewing: Creating Your First Homebrew Paperback

DIY Beer Brewing: Creating Your First Homebrew by Astrid Cook in Paperback.  Also available on the Kindle Platform.

DIY Beer Brewing: Creating Your First Homebrew Paperback

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Start Homebrewing… Personal Home Brewery Equipment Kit – $59 Shipped


Product Description – Here – Use coupon code BEERDEAL to get this discount.

More Info

from MoreBeer…

If you’ve always dreamed of making your very own beer in the comfort of your own home, MoreBeer! has the starter kit for you. Our simple and affordable Personal Home Brewing Kit #1 Standard will make two full cases of delicious, home-brewed beer, and it won’t break the bank in the process. If you’ve never brewed before and you want to get a feel for the process, this is the kit to use.

The Personal Home Brewery Kit #1 Standard contains everything that you’ll need to start brewing, other than a kettle, the bottles and ingredients.  You can use a large kitchen kettle and then recycle bottles from commercial beer to fill these voids.  It does come with the fermenter, bottling bucket, vinyl tubing, a thermometer, a hydrometer and a number of other essentials for creating a tasty home brew. By following the straightforward instructions in the included home beer-making book, you’ll be on your way to becoming an expert brewer in no time!


  • Bottle of Star San Sanitizer (4oz)
  • 3/8” Plastic Bottle Filler
  • Bag of Bottle Caps (1/4lb)
  • Bottle Capper
  • Reusable Mesh Steeping or Hop Bags
  • Home Beermaking Book
  • Bottle Brush
  • Plastic Bucket Fermenter with Spigot
  • Plastic Bottling/Sanitation Bucket with Spigot
  • Bucket Lid with Hole
  • Airlock
  • Rubber Stopper with Hole (Fits Bucket Lid)
  • Hydrometer
  • Hydrometer Jar
  • 5ft Vinyl Transfer Tubing
  • 5 inch long dial thermometer (read the full description)


Personal Home Brewery Kit #1 – Standard BRKIT1 $74 $59 + Free Shipping

Availability: This is a More Beer Deal of the Day. Quantities are limited. Check the Deal of the Day section Here to see if this is still available.

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Homebrew Starter Kits – from $69.99 Shipped + $30 Gift Card!

homebrew starter kits

Adventures in Homebrewing [See – Sale and Clearance Items] is giving a free $30 Gift Card with the purchase of any Beginner Beer Making Kit.  Equipment kits start at just… $69.99 and ship for free.

Check out the full selection – Beginner Beer Making Kits – If this is still going on you should see… “Receive a Free $30 Gift Card with the Purchase of Any Kit Listed Below”

Also from AIH… over 70 sale items including Perlick Faucets, Deals on kegs – new and used, pin lock and ball lock, recipe kits, kettles, pumps, jockey boxes, grain mill, taps, tower

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Brewing Your First Extract Beer, Illustrated Step by Step + 20% Off


As part of their 12 Deals of Christmas Sale, MoreBeer is taking 20% off select Homebrew Starter Kits.  All kits also ship for free.  This makes now a great time to start homebrewing.  This is a limited time sale.  Check the landing page to see if it’s still going on.

The sale include BRKIT2.  That great equipment kit is featured in our first beer guide… Brewing Your First Extract Beer, Illustrated Step by Step

12 Deals of Christmas Sale | BRKIT2

Also Consider… All Sale and Clearanc53_1449191776e Items

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Brewing Starter Kit with Free Front Porch Pale Ale – Save… $75!

Happy Holidays! Included with purchase, $29.99 value. No code necessary.

Limited Time Offer Get a FREE Front Porch Pale Ale Recipe Kit! $175 Value for Only $99
Start your brewing off with a tasty Pale Ale on us.  Learn and grow. The Brewing Starter Kit has everything you need to begin brewing and hone your techniques. It features easy-to-use equipment and an instructional DVD to walk you through the brewing process. This kit includes some significant equipment to make life easier and help you grow as a brewer, such as an auto-siphon – for easier transferring of your beer – and a 5 gallon carboy, which enables you to perform 2-stage fermentation and have two batches of beer fermenting at once. We recommend this kit for brewing all types of beers, especially high alcohol or lager beers, as it includes equipment for two-stage fermentation.

Check it out – Brewing Starter Kit with Free Front Porch Pale Ale

This is a great deal.  This would make a stellar gift for the prospective homebrewer in your life.  It’s also a great chance to fill out your own equipment stash or expand your capacity.

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Platinum Pro Kit + 2 Cases of Bottles – 20% Off + Free Shipping


When you buy their Platinum Pro Brewing Starter Kit and Two cases of bottles, Midwest Supplies is discounting the whole lot by 20% and throwing in free shipping.  This is a great gift idea for someone looking to start home brewing.

The Platinum Pro Beer Brewing Starter Kit Includes
  • $20 coupon code for use on a subsequent purchase!
  • 6.5 gallon fermentor w/ lid & airlock
  • Bottling Bucket
  • Spigot
  • Bottle Filler
  • 5 Gallon Stainless Kettle
  • Long-Handled Stainless Spoon
  • Racking Cane, Tubing & Holder
  • Oxywash Cleanser
  • Bottle Capper & Caps
  • Front Porch Pale Ale Recipe Kit


Grab the Full Details and Coupon Code – Buy a Platinum Pro & Bottles, Get FREE Shipping and 20% OFF!

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Free $35 Gift Card With All Grain Starter Kit Purchase at Northern Breewer


Buy a Fermenter’s Favorites Essential All Grain Brewing Starter Kit from Northern Brewer and they’ll throw in a free $35 gift card.

About NB's Essential All-Grain Brewing Starter Kit
“The new and improved essential all-grain brewing system is the most affordable introduction to all grain brewing, loaded with brewing power at an unbelievable price.

With more brewing space than any other cooler system on the market, the Fermenter’s Favorites™ 10 gallon cooler mash tun has a full capacity of 11.7 gallons! Imperial brews, huge grain bills, and the flexibilty to add water for temperature adjustment are all easier than ever with an enlarged mash tun.

Upgraded to ensure a tight seal, our insulated Fermenter’s Favorites™ Hot Liquor Tank and Mash / Lauter Tun coolers feature silicone-reinforced valve ports for a leak-free brew day. Quick and simple to assemble, the brass ball valves offer superior flow control, minimizing the risk of clogging or stuck sparges.

Keep grain particles out of your wort. The newly redesigned smooth-edge Titan universal false bottom promotes clear wort while setting up a solid grain bed. You’ll have high mash yields and eliminate scratched cooler walls to keep your system pristine. The strongest, most effective false bottom on the planet.”  


Grab the full details and the coupon code – Free $35 Gift Card When You Buy An Essential All-Grain Brewing Starter Kit