Two Reconditioned Ball Lock Kegs – $59.50/keg Shipped

Use promo code HBF10 to get this two pack of reconditioned ball lock kegs for $119.  Shipping is free.  That figures to $59.50 per keg shipped

CK1-CL1-2PK – Reconditioned 5 Gallon Ball Lock Homebrew Keg with Dual Handles – Two Pack – Stainless Steel – $119 + Free Shipping

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6 thoughts on “Two Reconditioned Ball Lock Kegs – $59.50/keg Shipped

  1. todes69

    Was this a one day deal?
    Tried it today (1-14-14), got $10 off sale price with code, but $160 is a long way from $119

  2. Mike

    I’ve been hit or miss with kegs from them, but their customer service was great at addressing. The last keg I got the rubber top had been glued on with liquid nails or similar and completely came off the minute it was filled with sanitizer…emailed them about it and they sent me a replacement and said no need to send the bad-handle one back. Now I’ve got a sanitizer storage keg! Just a word of caution to inspect the kegs well…i wasn’t expecting perfect, they are used, but I was expecting to be able to lift it by a handle of some sort.

  3. Anonymous

    when i click the link, the kegs are showing up as $219.99. the code takes $10 off, knocking it down to $109.99. is this kicked already?


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